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6 August 2015 15:39
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Handle: charlie
Email: rainbowcrashoverride@gmail.com
Chat: [plurk.com profile] drawzel feel free to PP whenever, or add me for rp and occasional life chatter. i lose track of my plurkline a lot, so don't be shy about pinging me if you want me to see something!
Availability: UTC-4, usually awake between 7am-12am, not often online on weekends

Backtagging: yes
Fourthwalling: yes
Threadjacking: ask first, but probably yes
Squicks: don't show me pictures of earthworms or caterpillars (text is fine)
Spoilers: not currently avoiding anything

IC Permissions: in general, feel free to try anything.
Poking, prodding, annoying: yes! i love negative interactions.
Flirting and romance: yeah! marco is a massive skirt-chaser.
Fighting: sure! please talk to me before maiming/killing.

Marco is a pop culture nerd, and is likely to reference any Earth-based fictional entities from before the late 90s. If you do not want to be fourth-walled, please let me know, and I'll find a convenient way to not do it! I'll generally try to check with you first, but sometimes I forget.

Marco is a huge flirt. If you do not want Marco to hit on your female-appearing character, give me a shout and I will happily tamp down this raging horndog. Otherwise, it'll probably happen. If you want to talk shipping, drop me a line.

Marco is super obnoxious on the internet because he's basicaly an AOL baby. If you don't want Marco to troll your character's network posts, it's totally cool by me!

And, if you do not want me to tag you at all for any reason, please let me know, and I won't! No hard feelings.

You can comment here (screened for privacy), or PM/PP whatever.


Anon and screening are on; IP logging is off. Love, hate, crit, requests, permissions, and anything else you want to dump may go here. Bring me your sock accounts, comment 'for a friend', I don't care.
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all crossed-out stuff is old information left here for posterity. anything not crossed out should be considered current. please feel free to poke me for clarifications; i am sorry this post is turning into a fucking mess because marco is a walking monster disaster.

Marco | Troll Nymph Troll
coinsearned: 95 | spent: 80 | current: 15

( pic, pic, pic credit to [plurk.com profile] ormery ) as of early december, marco is a runty seventeen year old male human, about 5'3", but shorter because he walks hunched over a bit. there's uneven rocky growths across his upper back and shoulders that look like broken-up chunks of asphalt. he has a row of five bony protrusions across his forehead that gives him the appearance of a heavy, ridged brow. he has long, pointy ears and big troll claws that look a little comical on his tiny hairy boy hands.

he still has fluffy dark hair, but it's a little shaggier and more unruly, and also covers most of his body.

(mountain king rune stuff here)


"Trolls are large, aggressive creatures feared for their massive physical strength. Trolls tend to prefer living underground or in caves, and while they aren't usually associated with magic they are quite adept at mimicry."

marco is an asphalt-based troll, approaching a final form reminiscent of a gorilla.

troll changes )

squatting in an apartment in bavan, with rachel totally ruining his bachelor pad vibes, which is a totally sweet bachelor pad

as of 10/17, fucking squatting in lager woods like a feral creature

as of december 2015, living somewhere in bavan that he pays for with money he scams out of people by pretending to tell fortunes using his rock wiggling superpower

as of february 2016, marco has a beach house on lake dala

-a walkman with a single mixtape
-a chevy bel-air that he totally didn't just accidentally steal off the curb yeah we're just going to call this thing wrecked in a ditch somewhere

8/11 by david xanatos (respawned 8/16)
2/24 by yamato (respawned 2/27)

8/4 enabled three wolf kills
probably killed a bunch of wandering humans in november when he was a hungry nymph
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Name: Charlie
Contact: [plurk.com profile] drawzel
Other Characters: n/a

Character Name: Marco
Age: 17
Canon: Animorphs
Canon Point: Book 54, one year after the end of the war
Character Information: wiki

don't read this it's boring )
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silverback gorilla, osprey, wolf, trout, bald eagle, dolphin, seagull, lobster, ant, cockroach, fly, mouse, termite, great horned owl, striped skunk, irish setter, wolf spider, bat, llama, racehorse, parrot, hammerhead shark, mole, mosquito, leeran (alien species), cobra, flea, rhinoceros, anteater, baby seal, polar bear, giant squid, chimpanzee, eel, mountain goat, hork-bajir (alien species), squirrel, cockatiel, toy poodle, orca, cheetah, honeybee, beaver, german shepherd, mallard, dragonfly, and two different humans (an adult male and an adult female)


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